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Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT-S1)

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State Press Secretary Ms. Heather Barney
Constituent Services Representative Mr. Zenock Bishop
Staff Assistant Mr. Joshua Blume
State Director Ms. Melanie Bowen
Grants Coordinator/Professional Staff Member Ms. Dianne Browning
Staff Assistant Mr. Terry Camp
Tax Policy Counsel Mr. Alvin Chan
Legislative Correspondent Mr. Ed Cox
Rural Utah Director Mr. Ron Dean
Legislative Assistant Mr. Douglas Dynes
Constituent Services Specialist Mr. Sean J. Firth
Director of Casework Ms. Sharon Garn
Legislative Correspondent Mr. Jack Gerard
Constituent Services Specialist Ms. Linda Gibbons
Archivist Mr. Alan Haeberle
Press Secretary Mr. Matthew B Harakal
Policy Advisor Mr. Bryan Hickman
Staff Assistant Mr. Nathan Jackson
Legislative Correspondent Mr. Matthew Jensen
Judiciary Counsel Mr. Tom Jipping
Systems Administrator/Mail Director Ms. Charmaine Kearney
Chief of Staff Mr. Michael Kennedy
Northern Utah Director Ms. Sandra Kester
Legislative Director Mr. Jay Khosla
Office Manager/Administrative Director Ms. Nichole Kotschwar
Legislative Correspondent Ms. Karen LaMontagne
Executive Assistant/Scheduler Ms. Ruth Montoya
Legislative Assistant Ms. Katie Neal
Deputy Chief of Staff Mr. Rob Porter
Staff Assistant Ms. Jessa Reed
Legislative Correspondent Mr. Matthew Richardson
State Scheduler Ms. Annette Riley
Counsel Mr. Matt Sandgren
Legislative Assistant Ms. Katie Simeon
Southern Utah Director Mr. William Swadley
Legislative Policy Advisor Mr. John Tanner
Staff Assistant Mr. Lonald Wishom

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